East West Pre-University College

East West Pre-University College established in 1997 with the prime motto to serve the best quality based pre-university education and the campus is advantageously located in a well-known green city of Bengaluru and has an extensive vicinity of 20 acres of land surrounded with congeal and pleasant learning atmosphere. EWPUC has always stood for discipline and the molding of character of its students. Our college prides itself in imparting best part of education by providing a strong foundation for the holistic education. East West Pre-University College stands testimony to the high professional standard aimed for and achieved by the EWGI.

Our Founder

Founder Chairman [EWGI] & Former Mayor of BBMP Shri. C M Nagaraj deserves the due respect of immortals for he lives and reigns in the hearts of many through his service and passion by education.
More than 5 decades ago a service initiated by our founder has resulted in a vast educational phenomenon that now manages over 20 branches with 15,000 students from Nursery to Ph.D courses.
He is a visionary and an acknowledged educationist, a philanthropist and a social worker. His prime motto is to provide a matchless educational assistance to every student of all social classes. He devoted his precious time, efforts and life to interpret his ambition into a reality.


The greatest institution is generated by the knowledge of every zealous individual. EWPUC aims at imparting the quality framed education. Beyond providing a sound education, we wish to give our students a holistic learning experience for life. Our prime motto is to train students to DISCOVER, not just to learn. Hence, we endeavor to journey beyond the boundaries of bookish knowledge.

We have understood the fact and future of every individual to transform them as the real champions of the society than as mere graduates. Today's youths are the main source of nation building and the true movers of up-gradation. They can change the future of the country from bad to good contribution specifically in the field of science & commerce.


Over the years the institution has attained a greater name and fame of imparting value based education to all class of students of the society. The institution showcases a blend of traditional and modern education where quality knowledge is provided to the students so that they may crown a unique platform in the modern competitive world and develop all round personalities preserving the beauty of mind and intellect. The institution has created its benchmark in academic, sports and cultural fields.

I assure that the institution will play a prime role in transforming the dreams of every individual student into reality and bring education in this rural area. I pray for future growth and prosperity of the institution and wish the management, staff and students a great success ahead in the years to come.


EWPUC aims at providing optimum environment, which will develop the skills and attitudes required to be an effective lifelong learner. We do have a higher expectation for every student at our college and offer innovative teaching in a stimulating environment.

We are all immensely proud of our college and delighted to have the opportunity to show some of what we do here and some of the opportunities we are able to offer each and every student. While academic excellence is our priority, the college is also devoted to nurture and prepare the students for life, to help them to develop confidence in their abilities and to make them responsible citizens of our country.

EWPUC imparts education with high and advanced standards. We constantly endeavor to always live up to our strong and distinctive ethos that is to prepare the students to face life’s challenges and to inculcate this into everything we do.


EWPUC believes is the holistic development of our students. Learning transfers to life beyond the college experience, enabling each student to flourish as a responsible citizen in the global community.

The mission of EWPUC is to assist individuals from young age and at any point throughout their lives with appropriate opportunity to make the best possible choices about life direction, career and education pathway, and is to provide international standard of education for students in order to prepare them for their life in 21st century

We believe that education is not about mere imparting knowledge but more about opening the student’s mind to self-expression. It is our aim to help all students achieve a level of excellence in their chosen field. Together we will have to move along, as we all sincerely believe to REACH HIGHER.